Monday, July 4, 2011

Rediscovering the Kitchen Pantry

For years, people have been ripping out pantries and other small kitchen-accessory-rooms and making the kitchen area into one big room. Now, fashion tells us that the pantry is back "in". Jolly good. Maybe we can keep this useful feature in our kitchens for a while now, until the wheel of fashion turns against it again.

If you're looking at including a pantry in your new or remodeled kitchen, or adding one to your existing kitchen, or even making better use of the one you already have, I've written a short Kindle book on the subject:

The Modern Kitchen Pantry: How to Design, Create and Use Your Pantry

Did you know you can read Kindle books on your computer, iPad, Blackberry, even iPhone? Yep. You can download free reader software for all kinds of devices.